Michael arrived in Baghdad in the fall of 2003 to help us professionalize the Iraqi Media Network, where I was general manager. His role was to mentor the cameramen. He quickly recognized what that staff needed in terms of training and equipment. He was a hands-on trainer, often going into the field with the cameramen. He also showed a sensitivity that was crucial to maintaining an effective rapport with those young men. He taught them the highest standards of TV news gathering in a difficult environment and with limited resources. Some of his trainees provided video to the world during the worst of the Iraqi violence. Michael has left a strong legacy of professionalism that can still be seen in the work of cameramen at Iraqi TV news outlets, including IMN’s Al Iraqiya His efforts also underscored his stature as a world-class shooter.

Ted IliffManaging consultant, TI Global Consulting

I was originally involved with hiring Mike to work for us at the Newsource-DC bureau. After leaving CNN, he turned freelance and we have used him a number of times here at the University of Maryland (where I am now employed) to videotape events for us. Mike is an excellent videographer who takes the time to make sure he produces a quality product. Mike is on my “A List” of freelancers when we need someone to cover an event for us here on campus.

Dave OttaliniSenior Producer, CNN Newsource

Michael is a thorough professional with solid credentials and a track record of tackling the toughest assignments. I’d recommend Michael highly for any project.

Aileen Pincus, President, The Pincus Group, Inc.

Mike is a highly motivated ENG photographer with the skills and attitude that it takes to get the job done under pressure, on time, and under budget.

Paul JohnsonCorrespondent, Global TV

Michael is exactly who you need when you’re in the thick of it. As a photojournalist, he’s always on top of the situation “in the field”. With international experience covering everything from conflicts overseas, to the political wrangling on Capitol Hill, Michael has always covered his subject thoroughly, professionally and using his photographer’s eye to capture what others miss. He’s quick to respond to the latest developments and uses the latest techonology to do the job. I always knew the job was going to be done right!

Scott Thumanreporter, WJLA-TV

Michael & I worked together at Al Iraqiya Television & the Iraqi Media Network at the end of 2003. He did a great job in bringing professionalism and creativity to the TV newsgathering crews under some rather trying conditions. His knowledge and skills were huge.

Lee HilliardExecutive Producer, Hilliard Creative Group LLC

I worked with Michael for quite a while.  He understands what it takes to get the shot.  Solid in the field and very level headed. Puts in the extra effort to get the job done.  When the station wanted the best, they sent Michael.
Would work with him again without question and recommend him without hesitation.

Jeff MartinHelicopter Pilot, EMS

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